Project Examples


Future Pathways curriculum is a framework combining the Iowa Core Curriculum, Understanding by Design by Wiggins and McTighe (2000) and The Buck Institute’s Project Based Learning. It is driven by essential big ideas that learners should demonstrate deep understanding through higher order cognitive processes.  The desired outcome is always deep understanding and therefore revision to proficiency and mastery is valued.

Some examples of these big ideas or essential elements include:


US History



Adult Living

Co-Curricular Work

Future Pathways has structured student learning opportunities so that their work demonstrates reaching standards in more than one content area.  For example, a student who needs to articulate information from a variety of sources may focus on a history objective to do this. A student selecting a project on social justice may look closely through the eyes of a statistician to prove or disprove a theory.

Working co-curricularly helps students make connections, transfer understanding to the predictable and unpredictable and also complete courses in a timely manner.

Student Projects

This student designed and created this dress for her Sewing Tech III class by altering a store bought pattern to fit her measurements and style design.