Referral Process

Students who attend Future Pathways must first be referred from an administrator or counselor at their home school.  They will then let Future Pathways know so we can contact the student and set up an orientation and schedule.  Typically students who are referred are behind in credits, need a more flexible schedule or a different way of learning.

Home School Contacts for Referrals:


East  Kathy Clausen, Vice Principal
Hoover Jamie Badger, Vice Principal
Lincoln Vic Glawe, Vice Principal
North Jessie Van De Walle, School Improvement Leader
Roosevelt Becky Miller, Counselor
Scavo Jill Hartung, Counselor


Once students are accepted into Future Pathways, they will receive a call from one of our student advisors.  During this call, we will answer any pending questions and provide parents and students with information on the upcoming orientation.  Orientation at FP is every six weeks.  The orientation will give a clear picture of the FP program and will provide a great start to the student and family.


Most students with less than 20 credits will start Future Pathways in the ACME (Accelerated Curriculum Modeling Expectations) room. When students have complete the ACME class they will begin a schedule of four classes in the project-based learning room.